About us


E-freight Connecting World comes to meet the new demands of international trade, marked by constant technological changes and fierce commercial disputes. ECW understands that the union of efforts, knowledge, commitment, and the right infrastructure are fundamental elements for our members to reach their goals, among which the one that is considered the main one: conquering the greatest number of customers possible.

ECW, unlike other organizations (networks), aims to support its members in their commercial actions, through technological tools, marketing actions, consulting, business banking, and everything else we can build for the benefit of those who were part of our group.

From a more pragmatic perspective, we look at the market and see that the world has changed, is more selective and everything is more valued, which leads us to the understanding that the current concept is: “getting there first is more relevant than offering lower costs “; “Customer consultancy, bringing them information about intelligent solutions regarding their needs/demands” and commitment in difficult times, will make you conquer it.

Our members are carefully selected based on strict membership criteria so that we can build a group of reliable logistics providers, the most elemental and essential being the will and spirit to win, allied to joining efforts for the benefit of the group. That way, we know we will be able to meet today’s logistics challenges.

Our pillars: are based on People, Product, Process, Innovation, and, mainly, on management focused on offering the best cost-benefit ratio to our group.

Our board of directors consists of professionals with decades of experience in the logistics sector.

Our headquarters are in São Paulo, the largest financial and service center in Brazil, with a population of approximately 20 million inhabitants (metropolitan region) and a GDP of US$603.4 billion.

Association: We believe that there are fundamental elements for success, one of them is building relationships with a common goal. We live in a universe, where each part is a foundation for the others. Profit is the goal and consequence. The path is synergy and mutual application of efforts by all involved.

“Something is "impossible" until someone "doubts/questions" and decides to prove otherwise.”

Albert Einstein
Our benefits

Exclusive membership by city. (A single FFW member per city and a single NVOCC)

Online Marketplace

Dedicated Service Agreements

E-CW seal on the B/L. (United we will be stronger)

E-Freight (E-Commerce Platform)

Conference every two years (biennial)

Intermodal Fair Booth (in Brazil) - biennial

Cargo Insurance

Errors and Omissions coverage insurance

Financial protection insurance

Demurrage protection insurance (limited value protection)

Container tracking system

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)

Smart Documents

Leads provider

Space for advertising and digital marketing

Communication channels