Cargo Insurance

For the time being, valid for imports and exports involving Brazil, exclusively.

What are the benefits of ECW’s online cargo insurance system?

  1. Online quotation.
  2. Choose the coverage you want to include.
  3. Issue of policy registration certificate within 24 hours.

Online cargo insurance is available to all members through our secure “members only” login system and is offering our members exclusive benefits applicable to their shipments worldwide.

While cargo insurance is in the interest of the position and, as such, of its customers, your experience can make a big difference when a claim is approaching. ECW’s cargo insurance program offers our members unique competitive benefits, giving them access to different covers.

E&O Insurance

ECW Professional Liability Insurance protects our members against claims made by their clients due to improper work procedures, omissions, or negligent errors. However, it is valid only for Brazilian Forwarders working and offering customs brokerage. In future it will be enlarged to more members in different countries.